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How real Aussie react to having more Indians than Aussies in the Sydney Cricket Ground?

Cricket is fun and when it is played between two top teams, the energy that flows on the ground and in the audience is electrifying - no matter what's the result. Of course, everyone has a favourite who they want to win and there is always Home team and Visiting team. You would imagine Home team is obvious favourite as they are used to the conditions and obviously they have maximum support.. errrr.. sorry mate, we are talking India vs Australia in Sydney Cricket Ground. If you are in the ground, you might wonder is this really Sydney or are we playing in Mohali? Indian fans outnumbered the Aussies by miles.. but, let's see how a real Aussie reacts to this? Here is the wonderful response from Peter Baskerville who lived in Sydney for 20 years. He writes..

The average Australian sports lover is perfectly fine with it and is neither angry, frustrated, helpless or threatened by it. In fact we welcome it and the emotion and excitement that the Indian cricketing fans bring to the game.

Australians love their sport and we wouldn't be human if we did not want our teams to win each and every sporting encounter, but even when we lose, we still can find great enjoyment in the emotion of the occasion, the contest, the spectacle, the theatre as well as the celebrations, banter and antics of the opposing team's fans.

It's not uncommon for Australian fans to be outnumbered by the opposing team's fans, but this doesn't mean we can't enjoy the sporting event. The English 'Barmy Army' in the cricket and the Kiwi's in the rugby often outnumber us, but for us, that just makes the occasion great fun, win or lose.

The best example I can give that demonstrates how the emotion of the occasion is just as important to Australians as an Australian team win, is when the English Liverpool Football Club played the Australian team Melbourne Victory in July 2013 and won 2-0.

Still, I can guarantee you that the small percentage of the 100,000 crowd that were barracking for Melbourne Victory and who were overwhelmingly outnumbered by Liverpool's fans, left the grounds happy and will remember that event fondly for the rest of their lives.

Watch the Liverpool FC fan's literally conquering the stadium in Melbourne


- Thank You PETER for sharing your thoughts and allowing me to post it.

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  • Love it!! You got to be a Sport to enjoy the Sport :)

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