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Best Indian Restaurants in Sydney

What’s the best Indian restaurant in Sydney? Where should I plan my next special Indian dinner in Sydney? I wish someone could sponsor me to visit every Indian restaurant in Sydney, try out their best food, rate it and then write this blog. It's a dream cool .. but, never mind I did quite an exploration myself and here comes my list.

Indian restaurants are everywhere all around Sydney, in Darling harbour, Surry hills, Parramatta, Harris Park, Wentworthville, Granville, West Ryde, Hornsby, Strathfield, Bellavista and where not? Lifetime is not enough to try every restaurant tongue-out. Anyway, let me get started:

Zaafran @ Darling Harbour

Well, Zaafran is at the top of my list. 


Himalaya @ Granville


Saravana Bhavan @ Parramatta


Chatkazz @ Harris Park


Dosa Plaza @ Bella Vista


Mantra @ West Ryde


Maya da Dhaba @ Surry Hills


Thailand 999 @ Westmead

Ha ha ha .. are you wondering what is Thai restaurant doing in this Blog of Indian Restaurants?? Well, I just couldn't resist it because this restaurant is so good.. so good... sooooo goood that it should be included in the list. Sorry, its my blog and I just want it in there. Everything is so lovely about this place.. the food is awesome, staff is lovely, it is heavily stuffed with Thai items but yet beautifully organised and last but not the least... don't forget to visit the toilet in this restaurant, especially when you go with kids. My kids just loved the way they made a jungle inside the toilet. Overall it's a wonderful experience at this restaurant.


I am still working on the Blog... please come back and check updates.

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