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Temples in and around Sydney

While I am not particularly a religious person, I do enjoy visiting temple once in a while and it helps me to keep my peace within me. I know many Indians enjoy visiting temples for Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries, When we buy a new car or a house, When we have a new born in the home and sometimes when things go wrong in our life. So, for all those who want to find a temple to visit in Sydney, here is the list:

  1. Sree Venkateshwara Temple, Helensburg
  2. Sydney Murugan Temple, Westmead
  3. Sai Baba Temple, Strathfield
  4. Shri Krishna Temple, Auburn
  5. ISKON Temple, North Sydney
  6. Gurudwara, Glenwood

Please do share your experiences on visiting these temples in the comments below and also write about the other temples that I am not aware of. Stay in touch with other Sydney Indians and stay in touch with God.

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  • It will be good to add website or address details for each temple.
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