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Festivals of Sydney

I always enjoyed the festivals since my childhood in India, starting with Sankranti in January to Christmas in December. There is some or the other festival every month and it all comes with Yummy food. But when I moved to Sydney, I was missing on all the festivals, celebrations, fun and of course FOOD wink

To my pleasant surprise, Sydney in fact has much more festivals than maybe any other place in the world. Starting with New year fireworks in the City, Chinese New year festivities in China town, Italian festival in Five Docks, Vietnamese festival in Cabramatta, Indian festivals in Parramatta and the list goes on. When it comes to my favorite part of the festivals... FOOD, there is so much of variety that 10 tummies would fall short ;). Like many Indians I am also Vegetarian and fortunately, Sydney in such a wonderful city that Vegetarians are also well taken care of and every community ensures to cater to the needs of people like me. Thank You Sydney :).

If you are aware of any festivals in and around Sydney, please do write about it in the comments below and let's continue to celebrate the life.

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  • Useful info.. and it's fun to celebrate all cultures.
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