You might wonder that this world has gone crazy after social networking. Orkut died, Facebook survived, Twitter is doing well and then we have Instagram, Yammer, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, Google+ and Ufff.. Oh no, and not one more just for Sydney Indians :)


Well, that's as much true as the fact that most of it virtual including the Likes, Hugs, Kisses, Comments etc., which are happening in the air without much of real human interaction. We humans have our limitations, I cannot be in Sydney and Delhi and New York at the same time.. hmm, I wish :). Anf of course, we cannot ignore the power the technology and evolution of communication in the 21st century. So, I felt there is a great value to have social networking platform for just my Sydney local Indian community where Sydneysiders of Indian affiliation can actually meet & celebrate in person in real life plus share their happiness and experience over digital platform.


As most of the Sydneysiders of Indian affiliation are migrated, there is a greater need for all of us to find a comfort zone in the new Sydney home. tries to bring that comfort and happiness to all, whether you are a veteran Sydneysider or a newbie.

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