About Us

When I first came to Sydney in 2008, it was my first step into a world outside India. I was married to a software engineer in 2007 dreaming of all wonderful things, never wanted to step out of the country as I love my family, relatives, festivals, food and overall Indian life. Like every other software engineer, my husband had to move to Sydney on an assignment and I followed him. For about 2 months, not a single day passed without crying and missing the family back home in India. We had all the struggles of arriving into an unknown world; cannot get a rental home as we don't have rental history in Sydney, No car so had to walk for miles even to buy basic groceries, dragging suitcases on the street to get to the nearest public laundry and what not. Imagine all this for a person who is used to luxuries of every Indian; local shopkeeper deliver groceries to home, dhobi takes care of laundry, Scooter or a Car or a Rickshaw is always around and all other things which we take for granted. Anyway, fast forward from 2008 to 2017, I am now one of the million Indians who became an Aussie. I am very happy and proud of my Indian Origin and Sydney life.

These days I enjoy great social and family life in Sydney. SydneyIndian.com.au is a dream for me where all Sydney Indians, whether you are a veteran Sydneysider or a newbie just entering this part of the world can share, learn and enjoy the beautiful Sydney Indian life.

Come, join me and other Sydney Indians in building a wonderful community and celebrating strengths of our Indian origins and beauties of Sydney life. Jai Bharat. Jai Sydney.

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