Joy of Being a Sydney Indian!Joy of Being a Sydney Indian!

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Hey there,

Welcome to the Sydney Indian Community.

Do you know that as per Australian Census 2011, we have about 130,000+ Sydneysiders born in India and we have about 200,000+ Sydneysiders who have one of their parents born in India. brings all these Sydneysiders to a common play ground to meet, share, have fun and celebrate the life of Sydney with strengths of Indian culture, traditions, food and festivals.

This community belongs to you and you belong to the community. Come, join the community and share your joy with fellow Sydney Indians.

As a true Sydneysider, we respect, welcome and embrace people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, come please join us. We recognise, acknowledge and thank the Traditional Owners of the land where Sydney stands today and pay respect to their Elders - past, present and emerging; and the important role they played in making Sydney a dream home for Millions.

Warm Regards,

Sydney Indian

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Most of the Sydneysiders of Indian affiliation are migrated, and there is a need for all of us to find a comfort zone in the new Sydney home. tries to bring that comfort and happiness to all, whether you are a veteran Sydneysider or a newbie.
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